The culture and origin of Italian coffee

Strong Italian coffee
Italians have a unique way of drinking coffee and coffee culture. Espresso was born in the 19th century with the advent of steam-driven coffee machines. The word “Espresso” comes from the Italian word for “fast,” because Italian coffee is made and delivered quickly to consumers. Italian coffee drips from the filter like warm honey, dark reddish-brown, and has a creamy content of 10 to 30 percent. The brewing of Italian coffee can be defined by the four M’s: Macinazione stands for a proper grinding method for blending coffee; Miscela is a coffee blend; Macchina is the machine that makes Italian coffee; Mano stands for skillful skill of a coffee maker. When each of the four M’s is precisely mastered, the Italian coffee is the best. Of the many ways to make coffee, perhaps only Italian coffee can express the highest requirements of the true coffee lover. This system is a small miracle of chemistry and physics that allows coffee to retain maximum flavor and concentration. Brewed coffee in this way not only releases soluble substances in the coffee aroma, but also breaks down other insoluble substances that enhance the quality and aroma of the coffee.

The culture and origin of Italian coffee-CERA+| Portable Espresso Maker,Smart Warming Mug

portable coffee machine

Coffee must be pumped at very high pressures for maximum flavor and freshness. The result is a special drink that comes in a small cup and is drunk in one gulp. For Italians, no morning is complete without a strong cup or two of coffee. Our portable coffee maker is designed to ensure the strength and taste of coffee, so that you can provide a cup or two of strong coffee at any time when you are busy at work or on a business trip, and bring a lot of energy to your day.

The culture and origin of Italian coffee-CERA+| Portable Espresso Maker,Smart Warming Mug

When drinking Italian coffee, we are quickly impressed by its rich flavor and aroma after just one taste, which is what makes it different from other coffees. Aroma and concentration are two criteria to measure whether Italian coffee tastes good or not.

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