PCM01-Extraction Coffee With Battery

Technical Specification & Parameters

Brand: CERA+
Model: PCM01
ቀለም: ጥቁር / ነጭ
Size: 2.72*2.72*7.99 inch(69*69*203mm)
NW: 17.64oz(500g)
Water capacity: 4.06fl oz(120ml)
የኃይል መሙያ ሲሞላ: 5V
ኃይል: 6W
Pump pressure: 15 Bar
Battery-powered|: 1800mAh(Rechargeable)
የባትሪ መሙያ ጊዜ: 1.5 ሰዓታት
Extraction time: 30 seconds
Espresso pouring temperature: approx 176℉/80℃(Boiled water required)
Heating function: NO
Certification: Food grade
Compatibility with NS* capsules and ground coffee

ለምን እኛን መምረጥ?

1.Compact espresso machine is easy to storage in small space.2.One button operation easily control anytime.
3.Powerful ceramic heaters and pump helps you make espresso efficiently.
4.Compatible with NS* capsules and ground coffee.
5.Rechargebale battery-powered(1800mAh)
6.Making rich & thick cremas espresso when on the go.

እንዴት መጠቀም እንደሚቻል?

1. Put the NS* capsule/ground coffee into the chamber.(Please use a spoon as the tamper to apply pressure to coffee powder)
2. Pour boiled water to the water tank. (hotter water, extract better)
3. Quickly press the button twice to start extract.
4. Enjoy your fragrant Italian coffee.

PCM01-Extraction Coffee With Battery-CERA | ተንቀሳቃሽ ኤስፕሬሶ ሰሪ፣ ስማርት ማሞቂያ ሙግ