portable coffee maker PCM02, PCM03

light weight on the same products:samllest size (20cm high)while others more than 26cm
 Advanced ceramic heating system is the core and fundamental technology.
heating rapidly for 210s while others more than 600s
food grade 304 stainless steel cup,heating water more safe
waterline for 50/70 ml for choose,show clearly on the wall of the water tank
indicator light clear display to show status
Heat 4-5 cups of water to be boiled water while others maybe 2-3 cups
advanced temperature control system to prevent anti dry-heating unique design which is important for safety
after extraction, the temperature can be above 80℃,while others may be 60-70℃.
In this way,we can ensure a good taste
extraction about 200 cups of coffee
waterproof : can wipe by wet tissue
pressure up to 20 bar to ensure good taste